I like to write and play any style of music as long as some notes are played. ;-)
My Musical Journey:
My first memory of a musical instrument was around 2 years old when my grandma let me use her Japanese multi stringed harp. So she was my first influence and thankfully tuned my ears.

Between Then and Now:
I was formally educated in classical piano and alto saxophone (concert and jazz), learned drums (jump started by cousin Todd), a bit of guitar (a few friend lessons) and would play any musical instrument that was put in front of me.
I performed in rock/blues bands on drums, then guitar, switching back and forth between the two and learned about recording along the way.

I am forever greatful to have been introduced and performed with musicians in concert, jazz, blues and rock styles, instilling me with a wide appreciation for music as a whole. So if my music seems all over the music style charts, now you know why. Thank you to everyone for the patience of teaching me and continuing to help me on my journey.
I hope you enjoy the songs. Cheers!
-- Lee --